Allianz für Intelligente Mobilität in Niedersachsen

Network advances Lower Saxony as reference region for intelligent mobility

New mobility services, the digitalisation of vehicles and traffic, and automated driving are summarised by the key word ,Intelligent Mobility‘. They form the main topics of the network ,Allianz für Intelligente Mobilität in Niedersachsen‘, which aims at advancing Lower Saxony and the surrounding area as a reference region for intelligent mobility.  

Well-positioned for the future

Lower Saxony displays a high concentration of research institutions and enterprises settled in the mobility sector. A central challenge is networking all involved actors efficiently. The ,Allianz für Intelligente Mobilität in Niedersachsen‘ fosters the know-how transfer of mobility research and automotive industry, and by bundling expertise, it pushes technological progress forward. The key approach is maintaining and advancing an innovation-oriented environment professionally, with the goal of strengthening the sustainability of the mobility sector.

Exchange, networking and support

The networks offers a wide range of platforms for the direct know-how transfer, for example through Cluster Meetings, expert conferences, workshops as well as joint booths at national and international fairs and exhibitions. In addition, the project partners, the Allianz für die Region GmbH, the ITS mobility GmbH, the Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik (NFF) and the Wolfsburg AG, provide support to new research and development projects with their proven knowledge of the mobility sector.  The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund. 

Project duration:                                   
December 2016 - November 2019
Project partners:
ITS mobility GmbH, Allianz für die Region GmbH, Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik (NFF),
Wolfsburg AG