Automotive Nord e.V.

Umbrella Association of Northern Germany‘s mobility industry

Since the beginning of 2016, ITS mobility forms the back office and carries out the cluster management for the umbrella association Automotive Nord. Members of Automotive Nord are the mobility cluster of Northern Germany - ITS mobility, Automotive Nordwest, the AutOS Automotive-Netzwerk in the Osnabrück region, and the Kompetenzzentrum Automotive of the Ems-Achse –, the Länder Niedersachsen, Bremen and Hamburg as well as the entrepreneurs associations of these three federal states (IVH, UVHB, UVN) .

In the sense of a cross-regional automotive cluster, the umbrella association pursues the goal of displaying Northern Germany’s capability as important location of the automotive and mobility industry nationally and internationally. Altogether, it represents more than 350 enterprises in Niedersachsen, Bremen and Hamburg. The umbrella association extends the alliances of the clusters acting regionally, particularly with the target of strengthening and supporting the position of small and medium enterprises in the international market.

In this spirit, Automotive Nord for example organises fair appearances for the northern automotive industry, networks suppliers with industry partners, universities, research organisations and other innovation providers, and encourages the exchange with other regional or cross-regional automotive networks.