CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium

Since 2004, ITS mobility is charged with the administration of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium. In this industry-driven, non-profit consortium, the leading European vehicle manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and research institutions join forces to enhance traffic safety, efficiency and driving comfort by means of cooperative intelligent transport systems and services (C-ITS).  The consortium focuses on systems for wireless vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication via automotive WLAN (ITS G5).

Besides exploring and testing these systems, the Consortium has obtained the allocation of a specific frequency band for the V2X communication at 5.9 GHz. Furthermore it has decisively contributed to the standardisation of cooperative systems by the European standards development organisations ETSI and CEN. In a Memorandum of Understanding, the vehicle manufacturers have announced to work closely together for the deployment of C-ITS, and they have defined a set of fundamental safety-relevant services which should be supported by the basic V2X system at the time of market introduction. In the Amsterdam Group, the Consortium collaborates with infrastructure operators, authorities, municipalities and cities for synchronising the C-ITS implementation in vehicles and traffic infrastructure.   

As Administrator of the Consortium, ITS mobility takes care of the membership management and back-office, the administrative support to the Steering and Technical Committee and the General Manager as well as public relation activities. Furthermore ITS mobility organises the annual conference of the Consortium, the so called CAR 2 CAR Forum.

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